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  • Executive Coaching can be a proactive tool for leadership development

    Last week I had the opportunity to speak with two young leaders in our community. They both were inspiring entrepreneurs, early 30s, highly educated and very smart! Both of them have very similar challenges, their businesses grew fast… what a problem to have?! Now they must transition very quickly from their role of knowing and […]Read More »
  • It is the end of 2016… opportunities ahead!

    To all my family, friends, clients, and acquaintances…  This is traditionally the time of the year to reflect on the year just ending. It certainly has been tumultuous in more ways than one, locally, nationally and on the world stage. Unfortunately, many doors have been slammed shut, bridges burned down, relationships broken… However, we cannot […]Read More »
  • Millennials: The day of the millennial entrepreneur has already arrived

    During a recent networking event here in Greenville, I happened to stand close to a group of young people, members of the millennial generation and overheard some of the conversation. Most of them were young entrepreneurs, worked in a family business or had some managerial function. The conversation revolved around different issues from employee performance […]Read More »