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  • Talent Development Up Close and Personal

    One recent evening, I had a conversation with some young professionals in their late twenties and early thirties. While they represented a variety of personal as well as professional backgrounds, the main theme of the conversation was about their career and outlook. Looking at it from the perspective of talent development, I tempted the group […]Read More »
  • Millennials: Our Leaders4Tomorrow

    10 years QLI International! A special announcement for millennials to take advantage of a unique opportunity for personal development! The Upstate Business Journal and QLI International have joined forces for a special leadership development project for leaders from the Millennial Generation. QLI International LLC is an Upstate business consultancy focusing on two business needs, leadership development and strategy […]Read More »
  • Organizational Culture, The #1 Reason for Employee Happiness!

    Only one third of employees find the work environment and the organizational culture of their employer positive. A Wharton School of Business study lead by Dr. Alex Edmans revealed that employee satisfaction has a strong correlation with company results and shareholder value. Companies with a high employee satisfaction rate outperform their peers by a significant […]Read More »