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  • Know Your Baby Boomers

    More insights on leading a multigenerational workforce It’s complicated… somewhat, at least. We face a challenge that is new to everybody: a truly multigenerational workplace. How should we operate in such an environment? How can I be most effective as a leader and create productive results? Find out about the boomers…. It’s important to recognize […]Read More »
  • 10.5 Gifts of Kindness!

    Effective leaders love people and kindness plays an important role. They are authentic, do what they say that they are going to do and create a motivational environment. Daniel Waldschmidt, a highly respected sales strategist, consultant, and friend of mine stated once in an address to a group of business people that kindness is fundamental […]Read More »
  • Leading a Multi-generational Work Force

    The other day I got two acquaintances together over lunch. One was a seasoned, highly experienced consultant in health, environment, and safety with excellent credentials, about my age (i.e., a baby boomer). The other was a bright young professional, a manager at one of the large companies here in the Upstate on the fast track […]Read More »