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Without meaningful work, how can you have a meaningful life? Learn from others who have built something great.

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QLI International is a premier coaching association that serves individuals and organizations that seek to improve revenue growth, increase profitability and create positive organizational change. We help organizations liberate the full potential of their people. We promote purpose-driven strategies to address productivity, communication, employee retention, customer loyalty and company values.

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  • The Missing Piece in the Project Manager

    A project manager have a tough job to satisfy all the stakeholders involved! They have specific targets to reach, which are traditionally defined in financial terms as well as a strict time line. Certified project managers are well trained and often experts in different project planning methods, scheduling structures and project management tools. However, the […]Read More »
  • Do You Live Up to Your Potential?

    What does “potential” mean in this context? It stems from the Latin word “potential” or power, and in this context a good definition could be “the latent qualities or abilities that may be developed and lead to future success or usefulness”. In essence our potential is also defined by our own imagination of our limitation, yet […]Read More »
  • Leadership by Example: People Listen to What You Do!

    Leadership by example is a popular term in the conversation about effective leadership. However, what does it really mean? Most effective leaders independent of their “address” within the hierarchy actually do lead by example. By walking the talk, you will become a person others want to follow. Obviously, authenticity comes into play, too, because when […]Read More »