Executive Coaching

executive coachingSuccess in today’s complex global arena is challenging and the rules are constantly changing. What we know is there are seldom simple answers that lead to quick results. An Executive coach is the most effective way to help you maximize your potential and create the success you desire.

We know today’s business leaders are tasked with producing sustained results. This includes not only healthy earnings but also solving problems, leading goal-oriented teams and supporting the company’s vision. It takes self-awareness, self-control, ambition and the right (soft) skills.

No organization would develop a long-term strategic plan without taking stock of its current resources and historical data. We believe that the same principle should hold true for an organization’s senior executives and leadership cadre.

Executive coaching leads to more effective managers and leaders, high performing teams and successful organizational change. It’s a self-directed journey and you’re in the driver’s seat backed by a highly qualified executive coach.

At QLI International, the goal of each executive coach is to maximize the potential for the person so his or her work is not only profitable but also gratifying and meaningful.

Positive, Lasting Change

It’s commonly assumed that those who reach board level no longer need personal development. That’s seldom true. After all, for a company to go from “Good to Great,” requires its leadership to do the same first and build the foundation for exceptional progress! It really begins with the C-suite to build sustainable corporate success.
Personal growth opportunities for people at this level are rare because senior executives are often insulated from meaningful feedback. According to the Harvard Business Review, executive coaches are most widely used to:

  • Develop High Potentials
  • Expand the Leadership Tool Box
  • Emphasize Effective Soft Skills
  • Manifest & Develop Success Habits
  • Facilitate Transitions
  • Act as a Sounding Board
  • Address Derailing Behavior

The coaching process QLI International offers is a valuable, powerful tool for star performers who wish to shine even brighter – akin to the world-class athlete who collaborates with a coach to excel. The process also benefits the executive who has potential, but for some reason is not meeting expectations.

Seeds of Opportunity

If you want different results going forward, what will you change?

Executive coaching at QLI International facilitates a process to identify sustainable solutions with measurable results. Learn more about our leadership development programs and executive coaches by calling 864-245-2324 or email info@qli-international.com.