Life Coaching

Life CoachingHave you ever felt caught between what you have to do and what you love to do?

You can probably identify examples in both your personal and professional life. So when it comes to hiring a life coach or an executive coach, you can bet there is some crossover.

By definition, a life coach helps people identify and achieve personal goals whereas an executive coach works with clients to achieve specific professional goals. However, over the last few years the connectivity of people on a 24/7 basis has created a paradigm shift, where our personal and professional lives are very much intertwined.

Work, family, community and recreation blend together. Stress, pain and frustration in one area can impact all others. Likewise, self-determination, focus and happiness can be just as infectious.

Inner Peace & Profits

Despite the similarities of the life coach and the executive coach, how are they different?

Executive coaches find themselves dealing with people who seek fulfilling work, but who are also strategic decision makers and people managers. Their actions, intentional or not, can have a profound impact on the personal and professional lives of others, including their loved ones at home.

A professional executive coach is typically a former executive who has an impeccable track record of performance. Problem solving, decision-making and strategic planning accentuate his or her work history. Real-life situations are paired with proper training – learning the technical disciplines of coaching, such as through a professional certification program.

Life coaching has gained traction in recent years as a developmental tool, and there are certainly many accomplished life coaches offering great advice on careers, health and personal relationships. The industry, however, remains largely unregulated. A great life coach will focus on leveraging intention and action, not just about making peace with your situation.

Expand Your Mindset

What you may get from a life coach – new ideas, insight into yourself and instilling the belief of self-confidence – can also be found in executive coaching. Learn more by calling QLI International at 864-245-2324 or email