Shortcut to becoming successful

The blog below was written by my esteemed , successful coaching colleague, mentor and friend Tammy Kohl and I am using the article here in my blog because it is brilliant in its simplicity!

Before you read the article however, I suggest you do one little exercise:

Take a piece of paper (landscape format) and draw a straight line on it from left to right. Call it your expected life line. While I understand you cannot make a real estimate with respect to predicting your age try an honest attempt like an insurance company would do. Consider your physical condition, health, habits that would impact your life span (smoking, drinking, unhealthy eating, etc) and hereditary factors like age of your parents or grandparents. Then write 0 on the left end of the line and whatever number of years you come up with as your life expectancy (87, 95, 110… J) on the right end of the line. Now make a marker proportionally at the point on the line indicating your current age. Reflect on the picture and consider seriously what you want to do with the remaining time of your life. Write it down, look at it once a week, add to it as you see fit and refine.

“Shortcut to Success

Posted by Tammy A. S. Kohl , Resource Associates Corporation success

The road to success may be a long one, but proper planning provides a shortcut for you. Proper planning begins and ends with you. Many of us get caught up in the day to day aspects of living life: wake up, head to work, put in your time, travel home, eat dinner, watch TV, repeat. For five days a week, that is our routine without fail. While what’s for dinner and what’s on TV can vary, many of us are as faithful to our routines as Old Faithful. We merely exist through the five days of the workweek and try to really live on the weekends. Time is too precious to get caught up in that hamster wheel, merry-go-round, (insert your favorite euphemism here).

If you are ready for a change and want to break the cycle of sameness, it’s time to think differently and do some introspection. Here is how it works:

Step 1: Unplug yourself. Turn off the smartphone, email alerts, television, etc. Find a quiet place and get comfortable. Go ahead … I’ll wait.

Step 2: Begin with intention. Commit the next 30 minutes to your own development. Make an appointment with yourself for this “meeting” and set some ground rules. Here are some examples: “No idea is a bad idea.” “I’m worth this time.” “I can plug into the boundless opportunities open to me.”

Step 3: Ask yourself key questions. While it’s easy to get caught up in “the meaning of life” questions, there are some rather simple ones that get to the heart of the matter. Put these six questions on your agenda:

  1. Where am I? Knowing where you want to go begins with knowing where you are. Take a long, hard look at the life you are leading. How have you decorated that hamster wheel or carousel you ride on every day?
  2. Where do I want to be? This is a time for dreaming … let your ambitions soar! Think as if there are no boundaries. You can be anything, do anything. Think with a child’s innocence.
  3. How will I get there? Visualize the actual steps you need to take to reach your ultimate life, and then create a Vision Board to make them real. You can see yourself progress on the path.
  4. What is my arrival time? Once you see the path, estimate how long it will take you to travel it. Again, no boundaries. You may want to allow for 6 months, 1 year, or even 5 or 10 years. There are no rules.
  5. Who can help me get there? Identify someone in your life who could fill the role of mentor, coach, or accountability partner. Reach out … you shouldn’t go it alone.
  6. What will it cost? You’ll be investing time, money, emotion, and sweat. Is the payoff motivating? The answer to this question is paramount to your success. If the motivation to succeed is not powerful enough, it will be very easy to fall back into old habits and patterns.

Six simple questions that are easy to ask … harder to answer. After your introspection meeting, the work really begins. Be sure, though, to allow for one more step:

Step 4: CELEBRATE! Your 30-minute introspection meeting has put you much further down the path toward your ultimate success than you were yesterday. Reward yourself with that expensive coffee or indulge in watching a rerun of your favorite TV show. Set up a reward system to keep you focused on your goals and that path to success. Awareness is key … action is critical!

How do you celebrate your business successes?
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Use your time wisely, get and stay purposeful in what you do, have fun and good luck! If you would like to talk with a coach, contact us for a free consultation.