Executive Coach – An Effective Leadership Development Process!

In the past, executive coaching in the business arena had a somewhat negative connotation. When a manager or leader “got a coach assigned” it was often a measure of last resort. The situation has changed dramatically during the last 10 years and people have realized that an executive coach can support them further their already successful live.

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An executive coach helps to accelerate success for clients.

Meanwhile, executive coaching has become one of the world’s fastest growing industries! The coaching industry encompasses different fields of coaching , such as personal, spiritual, athletic and business coaching. Qualified business coaching typically operates in the segments of business performance and personal development coaching. A good business coach would cater to the performance improvement of organizations and individuals by using research based, proven and innovative processes covering areas like strategy development, people development and/or business process improvement. The “delivery” can be in form of an executive coaching (one on one) approach as well as highly interactive team and group workshops.

Growing Demand

Never before have entrepreneurs and business owners required more support in a rapidly changing economic environment! According to Dun and Bradstreet, the business failure rate is as high as 62 percent during the first four years and 90 percent during the first 10 years. The knowledge and comprehensive understanding needed by an entrepreneur and business owner to maintain competitiveness and actually take the business to higher levels has never been greater. That is where a qualified business coach enters the picture – coaching business owners, executives and organizations to create the strategies, optimize the business processes and implement a personal development culture which generate positive improvement and tangible results for each client. After all, Dun and Bradstreet attributes 88% of all businesses failures to leadership and management mistakes. Clients work with an executive coach to help prevent those “leadership mistakes” and foster breakthroughs to the desired levels of success!

Why would one need an executive coach?

Clients of business coaching fall in every category, from individuals to Fortune 500 companies and have one feature in common: they recognize that they have not reached their potential and don’t quite know how to get there! Just about anyone in a senior management or leadership position of ANY business can benefit from business coaching! Considering the fact that even Tiger Woods has a golf coach – and he is certainly “on top of his game”? Stars performers like Michael Jordan had a coach, too, and there are many more examples available. Why would that be? The simple truth is that coaches help gain new skills one did not have before and hone skills to a level possibly considered unattainable. Coaches provide techniques and methods one wouldn’t have thought of. However, more importantly, coaches help their clients to establish the necessary habits for success and push clients as their accountability partner to perform at your best! Of course one could also look at it from a different, maybe more cynical perspective: what if the major competitor hires a business coach and becomes more successful? For success oriented individuals and organizations engaging a business coach has become a necessity in today’s business climate. The rate of change in business is getting faster, and the competition is only getting tougher – a business coach can make the difference required to keep a business growing towards greater success!

Financial & personal benefits from utilizing a business coach:

Effective business coaching processes provide new perspectives about how to operate a business at optimum levels and realize the financial and personal rewards sought after. The majority of businesses are started for “personal,” rather than purely “business” reasons. Entrepreneurs initially create businesses to build a better lifestyle for their families, to afford better homes and better education for their children… often to build a legacy that their children may take over in the future. Unfortunately, people who are very skillful in the specific functions of their businesses are not necessarily as dexterous or knowledgeable at actually leading and/or growing the business. Qualified business coaching delivers the content and initiates the change necessary to support clients to continually develop their businesses to the next level while concurrently taking control of their time investment allowing the enjoyment of their personal interests and quality family time.

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