On Change: Some simple ground rules for leaders

The last post was about Self-Discipline and self-leadership and this time it is about change. However, the introduction stays the same and cannot be repeated enough. We need leaders for one predominant reason: to create results!

With this in mind we can define leadership as creating results THROUGH people. The key word is through in this context. There is one more angle to consider: Leadership is situational. Leaders need to acquire a comprehensive “tool set” to deal with the wide variety of challenges in the most effective fashion.

Leadership is all about connecting with the people in your organization, on your team. Here are some very basic, common-sense ground rules for leadership. What would be the reason to document such common-sense ground rules? Very simple… common sense is unfortunately not so common!

Effective leaders embrace and purposefully create change

I have put together 8 different themes for these ground rules. Here we go with the second theme…

Keep up with and embrace change

We must recognize that there is no way to stop the world from changing. Consequently, effective leaders not only accept the fact that change happens, they actually embrace and purposefully create change. After all there is no progress without change!

Here are a few ideas to keep up and stay ahead of the game:

  • Stop fighting change: You can’t stop markets, trends, technology and even people from changing. Learn to go with the flow and embrace change! Look for the positive and employ what can help to move forward.
  • Adopt a predictive leadership approach: Don’t fall into the trap of waiting for things to happen and create the change you would like to occur. Anticipate challenges and hurdles to be overcome and provide contingency plans to deal with unforeseen issues.
  • Make sure your plan B is tested: Waiting for disaster to strike is a potentially fatal way to find out if your emergency plans will work. Test them out routinely to fine-tune them and assure that they are current and relevant at all times.
  • Highlight the positives: Everything has at least two sides! Consequently, the most negative changes can, and most likely have positive features, too. The ability to identify and maximize the positive will make adapting less painful and foster positive progress.
  • Be the first to adapt: Effective leaders act nimble and learn to adapt to changing situations quickly. The ability to change plans on the spur of the moment if the situation requires it is key to success in a changing environment.
  • Stay alert to external factors: Any business is affected in many ways by outside factors. To keep abreast of these allows you to better anticipate any unexpected changes that would affect how you need to lead for success.
  • Systematically plan for innovation: Encourage innovation and creativity in your organization to stay ahead of the market demand for the next, improved products and services. This way you will position yourself to create your and your company’s future.
  • Always observe the competition: Don’t allow the competition get the best of you. If you consistently know what they’re doing and use this knowledge to your advantage in leading your organization, you will generate better results.

Obviously, if you chose to apply these simple rules you will become a more effective leader. Make them your habit and they will serve you well!

Good luck and let us know if you have any queries: write to coach@qli-international.com or call (864)245-2324