Millennials: Our Leaders4Tomorrow

10 years QLI International! A special announcement for millennials to take advantage of a unique opportunity for personal development!

The Upstate Business Journal and QLI International have joined forces for a special leadership development project for leaders from the Millennial Generation. QLI International LLC is an Upstate business consultancy focusing on two business needs, leadership development and strategy development. One applicant will be selected by a panel for a unique award: one year personal leadership development with executive business coach Manfred Gollent.

Millennials, come and register to win supports Millennials in their leadership development efforts.

Register now to enter for the possibility to win one year of FREE business coaching at ! The last opportunity to sign up is December 9th 2016! Don’t miss your chance to collaborate with a professional business coach for one year!

The next big generation

The Millennial generation is widely defined as the generation of people born between 1980 and 2004 with a few sources using 1974 as the “starting year”. This generation is about 100 million strong and has become a significant part of the population and consequently, the workforce. Based on the fact of the size of that generation, more than 25% of the population in the US, their impact and influence will change society as we know it.

There is lots of research about the traits of the Millennials and there are multiple opinions across the spectrum expressed, predominantly by those from earlier generations. Unfortunately, my generation tends to be rather negative and judgmental about Millennials. I believe, this is not a productive way to engender progress. After all, we literally created the Millennials and they are a product of our doing (or lack thereof) combined with the environment we shaped. We must help and support leaders of the millennial generation with our experience to enhance the progress they are and will continue to generate. It is my conviction that Millennials are our future and they will create a society different from what it is right now. In the end, effective leaders are the key ingredient for the culture of a company, increased profitability, sustainable performance and organizational growth.

Sharing the experience

QLI International is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2016 and is awarding one year of executive coaching, supporting the development of a leader of the Millennial generation as a way to give back.

Modern leadership has taken on many new and complex dimensions as advancing technology, changing values and increasing global competition have created new and exciting possibilities for every company. The challenge facing leaders today is developing an organization that can achieve tomorrow’s goals while continuing to meet the daily challenges of today’s constantly changing business environment. To balance these organizational and economic demands a leader needs a systematic, results-oriented approach to organizing, leading and motivating people.

Effective leadership requires the skills to lead people to a higher level of productivity and successful outcomes. Every company and organization is forced to accomplish more with less in this global environment. Effective leaders are a key ingredient for increased profitability and growth for businesses and organizations.

How can you get into this program?

You must meet some conditions to enter the selection process of the panel:

  1. You must fall into the category of “Millennials” born between 1980 and 2004
  2. You must be an entrepreneur with a business or hold a leadership position in a larger organization
  3. You must complete an application including an essay of 350 to 600 words describing your reasons for being selected for the leadership development project.
  4. If selected as a winner, you must commit to write an article every quarter during the course of the year, describing the progress of the leadership development project to be published in UBJ.

The Upstate Business Journal will host a selection committee of five members which will evaluate the applications and ultimately decide on the winner. The selection committee members are:

  • Ryan Johnston, Publisher, UBJ
  • Toby Stansell, President, Acumen IT
  • Hannah Barfield, Executive Recruiter, Godshall
  • Julian Nixon, Professor/Advisor, Greenville Tech
  • Manfred Gollent, CEO & Executive Business Coach, QLI International

The committee will select a winner before the Christmas holidays and the award will be announced in the first week of January 2016. So register NOW and good luck!