It is the end of 2016… opportunities ahead!

To all my family, friends, clients, and acquaintances…

 This is traditionally the time of the year to reflect on the year just ending. It certainly has been tumultuous in more ways than one, locally, nationally and on the world stage. Unfortunately, many doors have been slammed shut, bridges burned down, relationships broken… However, we cannot change what we allowed to happen as we cannot change the past!
Christmas, holidays
Reflections on 2016

Looking ahead, maybe, just maybe, it will be possible to overcome the divisive flavor of 2016, mend fences (and relationships!) again, change our attitude towards compassion, tolerance and deeper understanding? Maybe there is a possibility to have an authentic conversation again, void of sarcasm and cynicism? Maybe we can learn again to listen to each other without an agenda of creating “losers” only to feel being a winner? It might be worth a try, life is too short to waste it on negativity.

I for one shall continue to focus on positive memories and on creating positive memories going forward. All of us have a choice when it comes to our own thoughts, our own actions, and which kind of memories we will be creating in 2017! Remember, memories are lasting forever and nobody can take them from you. Actually, memories are what truly enrich our lives forever!
I wish you all a fantastic holiday season, Merry Christmas, and a joyful, peaceful, healthy and successful New Year!
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