Goal Setting

Goal SettingFor your dreams to come to life, you need a plan. When it comes to goal setting, however, the planning process paralyzes most of us. Instead of a steady countdown toward attainment, goals become ideas and ideas become distant fantasies.

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

How do we take concepts and turn them into action? What’s the difference between tangible and intangible goals? What about short-term and long-term objectives?

QLI International’s goal setting program will help you and your team to create SMART goals:

1) Specific. – There’s greater significance to stating exactly what you want to accomplish.
2) Measurable. – Measurement can come in the form of feedback, benchmarks or hard data points that demonstrate success.
3) Attainable. – All goals should be within reach. Don’t create goals that will discourage you from accomplishing them.
4) Relevant. – Make sure your goals are consistent with your other goals and objectives.
5) Time specific. – Set realistic timeframes with clear beginning and end dates.

The Realities of Goal Setting

Every company has ups and downs. The critical factor is their ability to bounce back and emerge stronger. When you implement best practices, the work done earlier builds momentum when setting new goals. Depression, anxiety and stress are significantly reduced. When you develop a pattern of effective goal setting, your team will choose to work harder and smarter toward attaining a wide range of goals.

Goal setting is just the beginning. QLI will support your organization how to develop, monitor and evaluate goals, including how to change what’s not working and how to do more of what works. In addition, we provide a simple goal achievement structure that transforms smart goals into tangible results!

Self-regulation and goal attainment exercises can be used not only professionally, but personally. How can you improve your family life, physical health, mental wellbeing, or become more involved in the community?

Begin Setting Goals & Objectives

QLI International’s group coaching program will provide you with specific tactics and practical habits for successful goal setting. If you have any questions, contact us at info@qli-international.com or call (864) 245-2324 and we’ll get you your answers right away.