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Trust is the foundation of every healthy relationship. As a client of QLI International, you will join a network of high-performing professionals who have taken disciplined action and achieved sustained results. Discover what others have learned and experienced through QLI International and founder Manfred Gollent.

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What People are Saying

doug-brown“Every once in a while someone comes along that just ‘knocks your socks off’ when you least expect it. That has been my experience with Manfred Gollent. Manfred’s ability to both separate and distill the ‘critical few’ from the ‘trivial many’ is a gift that can benefit you and your organization.” – Doug Brown, Chairman/CEO, Paradigm Associates LLC
sean-mcenroe“Manfred Gollent has pushed our company to be more results oriented while helping us create a culture of communication and accountability. His executive coaching is detailed and organized, yet personal.” – Sean McEnroe, President of Strategic Alignment, ATI Physical Therapy

“Manfred Gollent has the ability to cut through all of the disorganization and dysfunction of an individual, office or company and work with the parties to develop strategies and behaviors to help them not only better identify and articulate, but also achieve their goals.” – Meredith Noon, Attorney/Owner, Noon and Hammett LLC

robert-leonard“Manfred Gollent has been a tremendous asset to our executive team. Through a very well organized and systematic approach to leadership development, both my division and our executive team as a whole are speaking a different language when it comes to goal setting, time management, and the typical daily struggles of work/personal life balance.” – Robert Leonard, Senior VP, Proaxis Therapy

“Manfred Gollent is a coach capable of drawing thought and creativity to the surface while intently listening to you. Manfred teaches the material, but will also challenge and inspire you beyond the words on the page. I highly recommend him to professionals and friends.” – Matt Ferguson, Director of Controls, Designed Conveyor Systems LLC

chris-corley“I have been extremely pleased with my association with Manfred Gollent. He definitely delivers on his promise and allowed me the opportunity to work through some issues with his guidance.” – Christopher Corley, Owner, Corley Plumbing Air and Electric

“We have just completed two projects with Manfred Gollent’s guidance. The first was a program for one of our group leaders within our firm. We have seen great benefits from the organizational skills he worked thru with her. Secondly, I personally benefited from my time with Manfred in helping me focus on the important things I need to be doing.” – Randall Bentley, President, Lee & Associates

steve-hall“We hired QLI International on three different occasions to work with various members of our senior management team as they grew into positions of leadership. The transformation over a 12-week period led to a tremendous increase in mentoring / coaching employees, increased revenues for all divisions as a result of better leadership, and an increase in confidence for each of the management team members.” – Steve Hall, VP Business Development, FGP International

“QLI International has lead me through many thought-provoking processes that I otherwise would not have had the ability to self-diagnosis. This provides a simple clarity of living a purposeful life through my professional career while staying accountable to our firm’s core values. Manfred Gollent is highly motivated in his profession and drives results through accountability” – Rusty Cagle, President, ASE Wealth Advisors

jerry-hogan“Manfred is an amazing person. He combines a highly focused and direct style with an engaging and enjoyable personality. Manfred has taken on many challenges in his career, and is able to bring his experience and knowledge to bear whenever he is faced with a situation requiring an innovative approach.
The best news is that Manfred shares his abilities with others as an executive coach of the highest caliber. As my coach, he challenged me to think, work, and measure results. It wasn’t always comfortable, but it sure was effective. I recommend him to anyone who wants to take his life and his work to the next level of success.” – Jerry Hogan, Head Coach, The Resource Development Group
troy-corley“Manfred Gollent earned my respect for his abilities as a coach the very first time we met. As a coach, Manfred skillfully navigates the difficult challenges of leadership, listens well to the needs and wants of his clients, and draws those working with him into a broader way of thinking.” – Troy Corley, Business Development, Palmetto Proactive Healthcare
burton-johnson“Manfred Gollent has worked with more than 30 leaders in our organization. Manfred and QLI International gave us the tools to create the platform for a very aggressive growth phase over the next 5-10 years. A highly recommended consultant and partner for your company.” – Burton Johnson, Proaxis Therapy (1998-2015)
mark-green“Manfred Gollent has repeatedly proven himself to be a consummate professional, an outstanding coach, and a lifelong learner. Manfred brings his vast business experience and natural curiosity to bear for his clients, which results in incisive questions and valuable insight to help them achieve their objectives.” – Mark Green, Founder and President, Performance Dynamics Group, LLC

“QLI provided sales process and time management training for some of our remote sales team. I was able to see improved sales process planning, which led to increased sales during the sales training period. Additionally, I noticed more ‘deep thinking’ by the trainees relating to both the sales process and time management.” – Steve Maederer, Commercial Director, AFL

“I learned that being a leader is much more than just being in charge.” – Derrill Hiott, EHS Manager, Eaton Hydraulics

david-condrey“I would highly recommend QLI to anyone that wants to improve themselves personally and professionally or that would like to improve their business. My team is more focused and I now have the tools that I need to take my company to the next level. I think without QLI’s guidance, getting through this economic climate would have been much more challenging.” – David Condrey, President/CEO, Condrey Corp.
john-judy“Manfred Gollent is an excellent business coach. He has worked with my company on process improvement, goal setting and strategic thinking. His approach is very thorough and he leaves no stone unturned when analyzing different areas of your business.” – John Judy, Management, Touchpoint Marketing Automation
john-fischer“For those who are seriously interested in taking their management skills to the next level, I can unequivocally recommend Manfred Gollent’s personal coaching program. His program is outstanding.” – ­John Fisher, Director of Operations, Automation Engineering Co.

nancy-taylor“Manfred Gollent has been invaluable to me as I go through the process of ‘reengineering’ my business. He has patiently guided me through rewriting my vision, reexamining my core values and analyzing my target market.” – Nancy Taylor, Architect of Possibilities, The Taylor Group 500 LLC

judy-poland“Manfred Gollent is a thorough thinker and brings to the table balanced perspectives of strategy, operations, and leadership and company culture. He’s intentional, systematic, and at the same time is energetic and fun to work with.” – Julie Poland, District Director, SCORE Eastern PA and Delaware
robert-harmon“Manfred Gollent is a true professional in his field. He organizes extremely well and can offer assistance to any degree or level your company might need. It was a pleasure to work with him and I will look for opportunities to utilize his services once again.” – Robert Harmon, Owner, Transcan Logistics LLC
sharron-bratton“Manfred Gollent was a pleasure to work. His ability to guide a group of sales people remotely over the phone for three months was a task in itself. He was organized, professional, detailed and his implementation of his sales program was excellent.” – Sharon Bratton, Regional Sales Manager, AFL
kirt-borcherts“Manfred Gollent taught me how to think positive on a daily basis, and to stay focused with my business plan; this has helped me grow my business by 88% the past six months!” – Kirt Borcherts, Regional Director, Mint Condition Inc.

“Manfred Gollent is a very intelligent business person. He is a wealth of knowledge and a highly connected individual!” – John Tripoli, Managing Director, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

“Manfred Gollent has at his disposal not just a significant amount of knowledge and experience, but some of the best processes and tools on the market. He never stops learning how to apply all of this to better for his clients benefit.” – Jay Niblick, President, Innermetrix Inc.

eddie-payne“Manfred Gollent is an excellent executive coach, business consultant, mentor and friend. My experience with Manfred was challenging, rewarding and meaningful.” – Eddie W. Payne, Partner, Tower Brothers
cary-ostendorff“Manfred Gollent has been great for my business. His integrity, organization and positive attitude are infectious. I could not be happier with the coaching I have received.” – Cary Ostendorff, Owner, Cary Ostendorff Agency/Allstate Insurance Co.
phil-yanov“Manfred is personable, professional and results oriented. His attention to detail makes him a great complement for our work together. I’ve found his advice in our meetings to be practical and actionable, and can confidently recommend him to any executive who needs to create change and make it stick.” – Phil Yanov, Founder, GSA Technology Council
thomas-parry“Most folks in the field of consulting/executive coaching are really just people in transition (parking lot consults). Manfred Gollent is the direct opposite. He chose this profession and brings to the table and incredible amount of real-life experience, and true passion to the table. Get to know this incredible individual. – Thomas W. Parry, Director of Enterprise Sales, NorthPage
richard-groffie“Manfred Gollent is a great consultant and very knowledgeable on subject matter. Training was well worth it. I recommend it for both beginner and advanced career professionals to help maximize their efforts.” – Richard Groffie, VP Sales, Fiber Optic Pipeline Solutions
jared-sargent“If you are opening a business or office Manfred Gollent should be on your team. He will motivate, inspire, and help maintain the focus on task. It was a pleasure working with him. Manfred produces lasting results.” – Jared Sargent, Owner, Sargent Chiropractic Clinic PC
ed-shropshire“QLI has helped us find ways to get our leadership team to work together as one unit. We were good at working together. Manfred Gollent’s coaching has helped me personally find ways to work smarter and manage multiple projects with multiple people. Since the training we are accomplishing more and delivering projects on time.” – Ed Shropshire, Director of Product Management, Condrey Corp.
anne-maria“QLI’s approach through the human potential philosophy brings value to any individual and organization. I have known Manfred Gollent for a few years now and had the pleasure of sharing some of his valuable expertise in leadership development in MBA Career Stories.” – Anne-Maria Yritys, Owner, Yritys Executive Services

“My experience was refreshing, creative and was filled with value. I am confident you can count on the results and know you are dealing with someone very skilled who operates with integrity. It was a pleasure connecting with QLI.” – Surya Ray, Manager – Marketing & Business Development

“Manfred Gollent’s knowledge, respect for others and managerial style is second to none. During the time I worked with Manfred, I learned a great deal from this man. I experienced firsthand what it was like to work with a true leader. Manfred always looks for ways to improve a situation, product or service.” ––– Derrill Hiott, EHS Manager, Eaton Hydraulics