5 Keys to Lead a Distributed Workforce Effectively

distributed workforce

Leading a distributed workforce has its own set of challenges and won’t be successful in utilizing a traditional leadership approach. A great example is an organization that created WordPress, a website development platform used around the globe. Matt Mullenweg, the co-founder of the WordPress Foundation and its parent company Automattic, believes anyone–and everyone–can pull off…

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Leading in a COVID19 world!

Leading in a COVID19 world

The COVID19 conversation is mushrooming into all kinds of directions. From a leadership perspective, I would suggest that anyone in any leadership position gets truly informed. This is, getting informed not only about the virus and its potential impact but also about the context. In my opinion, leaders on any level of the hierarchy in…

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The “Born Leader” is a Leadership Myth!

born leader is a leadership myth

I am fully aware that the headline of this article is deliberately provocative. Obviously, there will be a great many people wanting to argue the opposite, I get that, too. However, let’s explore the reasoning together with an open mind… Leadership has always been important, but we are entering into a new phase of the…

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