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5 Crucial Leadership Lessons!

It is fascinating to see how impactful basic leadership concepts can be! Mike Abramson, CEO of D1 Fitness wrote about his experiences in a minimum wage job at McDonald’s. In his article (published in INC) he indicated five key points which are critical in any consumer/end-user focused business with a substantial service component. These are typically businesses which operate in a “live” environment, which are businesses where customers become an integral part of the goods and services delivery process, like restaurants, shops, etc.

In “live” environments, effective leaders must always be collaborative team members independent of hierarchy or title and these leadership concepts will help.

Keep in mind, leadership is creating results through people!

Keep in mind, leadership is creating results through people!

Mr. Abramson lists five concepts I would like to elaborate on:

1 – No task is beneath you.

While I challenge my clients to become more result focused, activity still matters. While there should be “no task beneath you”, one must also ascertain to concentrate on the right priorities. Developing your people and your team will enable the leader to delegate more effectively. It will help the business owner to invest more time to work on the business (vs. in the business) and progress strategically. When leaders avoid or ignore right delegation and strategic focus, they become the limiting factor to the growth of the business.

2 – Embrace mistakes.

I would add to Abramson’s explanation that it is of great importance to avoid the NIH syndrome (Not Invented Here!). Effective leaders set the example by being fully transparent with their mistakes and turning them into learning lessons for the whole team. In addition, offering some vulnerability makes leaders human!

3 – Learn how to deal with people.

Effective leaders have learned how to engage and inspire people! To do so is not a genetically inherited talent but a set of leadership tools combined with the skills to use them. It takes systematic deliberate practice and can be learned by anybody that is willing to invest the energy, time and intentional effort to do so.

4 – Preparation matters.

As the saying goes, 90% of success is in the preparation. Strategizing, planning, practicing, reflecting, and again practicing is the ticket. A very well-known comedian prepared to create a 50-minute segment for one of the big networks. His preparation looked like this:

  1. He wrote and practiced some 1200 jokes
  2. He went on tour for twenty-six 90-minute shows across the country and tried out all the jokes in pre-designed packages, identifying after every live show which worked best.
  3. After eighteen 90-minute shows in front of different audiences, he had concentrated the content to about 200 jokes which he continued to work live for another 5 events.
  4. He finally had the 3rd and 2nd to last show recorded to cut the final video of 50 minutes which turned out to become a great success.

Right preparation elevates the probability of success!

5 – A positive attitude goes a long way.

Attitude is everything!

People with a negative attitude often hide behind the label of being a “realist”. There is a difference of being prudent to learn about as well as understand potential risks versus being negative.

As a leader, it is of great importance to bring the very best attitude to the surface, ideally always. Consider the impact your attitude can create on your team, your organization, other stakeholders and your family. Attitude (good or bad!) has the tendency to be infectious, hence it multiplies!

Your attitude is your choice!

It might make sense to reflect on a famous quote from Charles R. Swindoll: ”I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. And so, it is with you. We are in charge of our attitudes!”

It may be very valuable to read Mike Abramson’s article, too, and reflect on the 5 leadership concepts he pointed out as important for him. What is important for you? What is your approach to leadership and how is it working? Could you further enhance what you already do? Are the results you create as a leader the best it can be? Let’s talk

Good luck!

Manfred Gollent

Manfred Gollent is a certified business coach and the founder of QLI International LLC. He works with a variety of clients from Fortune 500 executives to small business entrepreneurs on leadership and strategy development since 2006. Prior to founding QLI International, Manfred has been a turn-around executive in a Fortune 500 company with global operations. During his 30+ years in the corporate world, he led the rebuilding of underperforming subsidiaries in the United States, Europe, and Asia by developing their leadership team and organization, restructuring their market portfolio, operations and efficiency to improve results toward meeting investor’s expectations. Aside from his international corporate career, Manfred has served on company boards in the UK, Belgium, Norway, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, and the United States.