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Our clients are our ambassadors

Trust is the foundation of every healthy relationship. As a client of QLI International, you will join a network of high-performing professionals who have taken disciplined action and achieved sustained results. Discover what others have learned and experienced through QLI International and founder Manfred Gollent.


Manfred's experience and coaching methodology has helped me significantly in my own leadership journey. His wisdom, maturity and toolkits are highly recommended for any leader or business owner who want to set themselves out for success, lead teams and grow to attain the life of their dreams. I've grown tremendously learning from Manfred and look forward to journeying with him as my coach for the long run!

Audrey Joy Tan

Edmund Hilary Fellow, Impact Entrepreneur, Circles of Angels, PlayMoolah

Having utilized Manfred’s services for over a year, we have become good friends. His coaching style, intellect and modern perspectives have greatly improved my ability to lead our team. His coaching provides the valuable insights necessary for developing companies of the future. If you are a small entrepreneurial company or a large mature venture, Manfred can help team leaders or CEOs improve their communications with others and develop a modern culture that others aspire to be a part of.

Adam Arrington

DesignationPresident & Owner Earl Dudley LLC & Hayes Instrument Co LLC

Manfred is an amazingly effective leadership coach. He has helped me to transition from two very different, high-level settings with success. Manfred has the ability to meet you where you are by examining your specific competencies and leadership style. He pushes you to be your best, teaches you best practices, and helps you to establish routines and processes that are key to meeting your professional goals.

Dr. Edward Anderson

Executive Director OnTrack Greenville at United Way of Greenville County #BOLDisachoice

"Every once in a while someone comes along that just ‘knocks your socks off’ when you least expect it. That has been my experience with Manfred Gollent. Manfred’s ability to both separate and distill the ‘critical few’ from the ‘trivial many’ is a gift that can benefit you and your organization."

Doug Brown

Chairman/CEO, Paradigm Associates LLC

As my coach since 2018, Manfred Gollent has been an optimal asset to me. Manfred brings his years of executive experience and immense coaching know-how to every conversation. I appreciate most that Manfred does not tell me WHAT to do; instead, he shows me HOW to think in order to make the decision that I'm most satisfied with. His arsenal of self-authored, in-depth articles ranging from strategic planning, leadership assessment, and time management give me timeless reference points as my career develops. In all candor, I would not be where I am today without him.

Travis Wharton

Director of Education and Economic Mobility at United Way of Greenville County

Manfred brings a highly structured approach towards executive development, so you're able to develop the tools at both macro and micro levels to manage yourself and the perspectives you hold. This is helpful when you need to rally various stakeholders together towards a vision and then translate that to visible steps that each party needs to take to get there.

Manfred's Method especially shines through in the face of both highly positive and negative challenge. And when it comes to the tough times, he'll tell you.. "No Pain, No Gain!" in that Austrian coach voice 🙂

I've deeply enjoyed my time as a client over the last 2 years and have engaged him to coach others in our organization as well.. a process we sometimes call Manfredization. If you're looking to develop deep roots for your organization, alongside growing your personal leadership toolbox, I would highly recommend undergoing the Manfredization process!

Gerald Tock

Cross-Border Business Builder/Investor | Edmund Hillary Fellow

“I learned that being a leader is much more than just being in charge.”

Derrill Hiott

Manager, Environmental, Health and Occupational Safety at Colgate-Palmolive

Manfred is an excellent listener and precise in his guidance. QLI's process has been incredibly valuable to my company's growth and my personal growth in all areas of business leadership. I highly recommend them!

Zach(ary) Eikenberry

CEO, Hook Security CO

I found Manfred to be very insightful. Things that should be obvious aren’t always so clear. He has a knack for breaking through all of the nonsense to get to the core issues so that you can start problem solving. I would recommend his services if you feel like you need help getting to the next level.

Rob Mayor

Director Of Estimating at Harper Corporation General Contractors

Our Approach to


QLI International offers the tools that lead to increased profitability, as well as meaningful and gratifying work. As no two groups or individuals are alike, there is no single perfect path. What we provide is truly an individualized coaching experience. Utilizing best practices, QLI will align our programs to meet your unique individual, team, and organizational objectives.

Increasing self-awareness, adaptive leadership, communication skills, and the ability to influence beyond formal authority enables the entire organization to reap the benefits.

Our customized approach is well structured and produces both the business results you need now and the personal transformation that drives future success. We are aligning the development needs of our clients with the objectives of the organization. In the process, we provide a confidential, collaborative, and supportive feedback-rich environment where our clients can gain valuable insights while developing positive new behaviors and habits.

Master how to project mature self-confidence, poise under pressure, authenticity, empathy, warmth, and strength. Acquire a blend of persuasive leadership competencies that inspire trust, enthusiasm, and buy-in.

Whether it’s a high-stakes meeting, a hallway chat with a colleague or a town hall meeting with the entire organization, failure to get the right message across can be costly in many ways. We support leaders to communicate clearly and confidently at every level of the organization, from the boardroom to the water cooler.

Recognize and manage conflict constructively, resolve disputes quickly. We help leaders develop the skills that build collaboration and common purpose. We help them maximize employee engagement, productivity and retention.

We support leaders to hit the (new) ground running and accelerate the mastery of the new challenges. From quickly analyzing new information and developing new competencies to building strong relationships across organizational boundaries, we help leaders create results in their new role faster and add value to the company from day one.

Considering the accomplishment of shared objectives, EQ matters as much as IQ. Acquiring and implementing the skillsets that drive success like team leadership and collaboration, how to build trust, influencing skills, managing emotions, resilience and conflict management are essential in achieving organizational results.

We provide strategic planning facilitation utilizing the most current planning concepts (i.e. OKR) utilized by companies like Google, Intel, Microsoft, etc.

Manfred Gollent 5-18

Manfred Gollent CBC, MBA

Certified Business Coach & CEO

Manfred Gollent is a certified business coach and founder of QLI International. He is also a senior associate and executive coach for the Center for Corporate and Professional Development at Furman University.

QLI has provided leadership, organizational and management consulting services since 2006. Mr. Gollent’s experience in business development, employee performance, and team building come as a result of more than 30 years of highly disciplined techniques and processes learned within the industrial sector.

Prior to founding QLI International in spring of 2006, Mr. Gollent has been a turn-around executive in a Fortune 500 company with global operations for some 22 years. During his 30+ years in the corporate world, he led the rebuilding of underperforming subsidiaries in the United States, Europe, and Asia by developing their leadership team and organization, restructuring their market portfolio, operations and efficiency to improve results toward meeting investor’s expectations.

Mr. Gollent’s corporate senior executive roles included facilitating strategy development and business process improvement for companies in the UK, Belgium, Norway, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, and the United States. He has extensive experience in all areas of management including marketing, sales, financial operations, product development, and manufacturing. He has served on company boards in nine countries.

Mr. Gollent holds a degree in electrical engineering and an Executive MBA. He is fully proficient in both German and English. Manfred is a Mentor at the Founder Institute Greenville (www.fi.co ), a co-organizer/mentor for 1 Million Cups Greenville, a coach/mentor for the Minority Business Accelerator (MBA) program of the Greenville Chamber of Commerce, a youth mentor at NEXT Highschool of Greenville (www.nexthighschool.org) and volunteers as a mentor for young people in foster care within the “Fostering Great Ideas” organization (www.fgionline.org )

Rick Lochner 2015 Headshot-2

Rick Lochner

Rick Lochner is president and CEO of Chicago-based RPC Leadership Associates Inc. RPC’s mission is to help organizational leadership teams, business owners, and nonprofit boards align their strategic plans to improve and enhance customer loyalty and increase profitability.

Prior to starting RPC in 2008, Mr. Lochner joined a private company that had received their second round of funding and needed to place a high level of importance on operational excellence. Mr. Lochner rose to the challenge and soon two-thirds of the company reported to him. After two years the company was sold, growing from $30 million to $140 million.

Before that, Mr. Lochner was a former executive with Sprint Corp. As vice president for Sprint Business, he was responsible for the central United States and 640 people.

Mr. Lochner is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point. He is an adjunct professor at Aurora University and a visiting professor at the Keller Graduate School of Management at DeVry University.

Alan Kovitz

Alan Kovitz, MBA, CBC

Alan Kovitz is a certified business coach and holds an MBA in human resources from the prestigious Katz School of Business at the University of Pittsburgh. His diverse career has seen him work as a stockbroker, utilize his entrepreneurial skills in building successful businesses. He has become known for his excellent training and development skills in both sales and general management.

Mr. Kovitz is recognized as one of the foremost leadership development coaches in the United States. Known for developing effective leaders in 70+ industries for more than 25 years, he works with a process to help executives uncover areas in need of improvement and discover unique strengths.