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Leading in a COVID19 world!

The COVID19 conversation is mushrooming into all kinds of directions. From a leadership perspective, I would suggest that anyone in any leadership position gets truly informed. This is, getting informed not only about the virus and its potential impact but also about the context. In my opinion, leaders on any level of the hierarchy in business, politics, and NGO organizations need to acquire a solid understanding of the matter at hand.

As leaders, we must take COVID19 seriously!

An acquaintance and friend of mine, Matt McPheely shared a well-researched, comprehensive overview of the predicament we are in. He certainly is correct that the information presented by the media at large and on the different social media platforms is incomplete at best and very often simply false. I think his initial take in his article “The Missing Context to the COVID Story“  is the most important component of the message:


COVID19 is a global challenge

“This (COVID19) is deadly serious. It is not simply the flu, not even close. Anyone who says otherwise is objectively wrong. As of now, this coronavirus has led to the death of more than 500,000 people across the globe and >130,000 in the U.S….that we know about…in roughly 4 months…with social distancing and lockdowns. Any sharp increase in cases, hospitalizations, and deaths should be taken seriously and not minimized with silly arguments about fraud, hoaxes, or conspiracy theories. Freedom does not mean you get to make whatever decision you want, regardless of the impact on others.

Wear a mask — it’s easy, and the person next to you may have a child or parent with cancer. Whether you believe it’s helping or not, you might be actively putting that person in danger by refusing to wear a mask.”

For me wearing a mask is not a political statement, nor does it diminish my constitutional freedom, my masculinity, or my ability to lead.

I do it because I don’t want to spread anything, nor do I want to catch anything if possible.

Of course, there are people who argue that wearing masks does not prevent the microscopic COVID19 virus to escape or enter. I appreciate that the different mouth coverings applied may not be as effective as we would like it to be, it still reduces the flow. Wearing proper face masks will reduce the potential of transmission. If it does not, why would any doctor in a hospital wear a mask at any time all year when they treat patients in surgery? There is one reason: to prevent infection. That is a fact, not an opinion.

I encourage everyone to be considerate and take the recommended precaution of wearing masks in public spaces where physical distancing is limited, especially indoors. If you do not want to do it for your own sake, do it for those around you.

It is a compassionate and kind thing to do. Just do it, please…

Good luck, stay safe, and help your team to succeed in this COVID19 world! If you would like to explore additional facets of effective leadership let’s talk!

Manfred Gollent

Manfred Gollent is a certified business coach and the founder of QLI International LLC. He works with a variety of clients from Fortune 500 executives to small business entrepreneurs on leadership and strategy development since 2006. Prior to founding QLI International, Manfred has been a turn-around executive in a Fortune 500 company with global operations. During his 30+ years in the corporate world, he led the rebuilding of underperforming subsidiaries in the United States, Europe, and Asia by developing their leadership team and organization, restructuring their market portfolio, operations and efficiency to improve results toward meeting investor’s expectations. Aside from his international corporate career, Manfred has served on company boards in the UK, Belgium, Norway, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, and the United States.