A coach will help you clarify your dreams, aspirations, passions, and values while being at your side to celebrate your victories.

As you learn from your setbacks, a coach will guide you to press on toward achieving your goals. A coach is a professional who provides a safe place for you to move beyond superficial, inhibited, self-limiting conversations, so that you have the confidence to express even your doubts and fears.

A partner for your success journey

Executive Coaching

Maximize Your Potential

Executive coaching leads to more effective managers and leaders, high performing teams, and successful organizational change. It is a self-directed journey and you’re in the driver’s seat backed by a highly qualified executive coach.

At QLI International, the goal is to maximize the potential for our client so that his or her work is not only profitable but also gratifying and meaningful.

Positive, Lasting Change

It is commonly assumed that those who reach an executive level no longer need personal development. Personal growth opportunities for people at this level are rare because senior executives are often insulated from meaningful feedback. A qualified, professional coach will make a difference! According to the Harvard Business Review, executive coaches are most widely used to:

  • Expand the Leadership Toolbox
  • Manifest & Develop Success Habits
  • Act as a Sounding Board
  • Address Derailing Behavior

Sales Coaching

Conquering the Buying / Selling Process

The field of sales has experienced some dramatic and far-reaching changes over recent years. Today’s customers and procurement professionals are better educated, more informed and have more options than ever before. Success requires innovative ideas and finely developed skills.

Whether you are selling a product or service, representing a well-known company or a new start-up, one fact remains clear: It is unlikely that you will maintain a competitive advantage until you cease doing things the way you have always done them.

Develop Your People

QLI’s sales coaching process offers a comprehensive, concise course that will help develop a skilled, successful sales professional. By uniting current sales skills with a personal development system, the sales professional will realize higher levels of achievement.

Career Coaching

Move in the Right Direction

The reasons why good people quit are limitless. Do you feel undervalued, bored, or anxious about your business or employees? Perhaps you have lost confidence in management or even your own performance. Maybe you do not have a good work/life balance?
​No career coach can chart you on the perfect career path. Instead, what the executive coaches at QLI International can do is give you the tools for a self-directed journey toward a more fulfilling career.

A critical step in your career plan is the completion of psychometric assessments. While there are different methods and approaches, they all have a common goal of helping an individual gain better self-awareness.

Life Coaching

Guidance & Inspiration

By definition, a life coach helps people identify and achieve personal goals whereas an executive coach works with clients to achieve specific professional goals. However, over the last few years, the connectivity of people on a 24/7 basis has created a paradigm shift, where our personal and professional lives are very much intertwined.

Work, family, community, and recreation blend together. Stress, pain, and frustration in one area can impact all others. Likewise, self-determination, focus, and happiness can be just as infectious.

Executive coaches find themselves dealing with people who seek fulfilling work, but who are also strategic decision makers and people managers. Their actions, intentional or not, can have a profound impact on the personal and professional lives of others, including their loved ones at home.

If you're not ready to schedule a call, find out if leadership development is right for you with our assessment.

"Every once in a while someone comes along that just ‘knocks your socks off’ when you least expect it. That has been my experience with Manfred Gollent. Manfred’s ability to both separate and distill the ‘critical few’ from the ‘trivial many’ is a gift that can benefit you and your organization."

Doug Brown

Chairman/CEO, Paradigm Associates LLC

“I learned that being a leader is much more than just being in charge.”

Derrill Hiott

Manager, Environmental, Health and Occupational Safety at Colgate-Palmolive

“We hired QLI International on three different occasions to work with various members of our senior management team as they grew into positions of leadership. The transformation over a 12-week period led to a tremendous increase in mentoring / coaching employees, increased revenues for all divisions as a result of better leadership, and an increase in confidence for each of the management team members.”

Steve Hall

VP Business Development, FGP
employee engagement


Personal development in a group coaching setting is a powerful and a cost-effective way to generate lasting results!

Check out our current in-house programs for your organization. If you would like to explore what would work best for you, simply schedule a free consultation with the Coach.

Team Coaching

Team coaching will support your organization in acquiring the right set of skills to effectively work with, and through, others. You will learn how to identify challenges and opportunities. You will also learn how to delegate, inspire loyalty, and generate desired results.

The typical size of a group coaching session is 4-9 participants but can be extended to up to 15 participants. We offer a personal assessment of every participant using the DISC, Values Index and EQ (Emotional Intelligence) assessment instruments.

Group coaching by QLI International will allow your team to experience and discover:

  • The meaning of collaboration
  • Common shared goals
  • Improved communication and trust
  • How to plan for the future
  • Elements of an effective goal achievement process
  • How to delegate effectively for results
  • Creative problem-solving skills
  • Effective use of power and authority
  • How to realize our dreams

A Goal Achievement System

For your dreams to come to life, you need a plan. That is where Objectives, Key Results (OKR), and an executable goal achievement system come into play. When it comes to goal setting, however, the planning process paralyzes most of us. Instead of a steady countdown toward attainment, goals become ideas and ideas become distant fantasies.

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

How do we take concepts and turn them into action? What’s the difference between tangible and intangible goals? What about short-term and long-term objectives?

QLI International’s goal achievement program will help you and your team to create SMART goals:

  1. Specific – There’s greater significance in stating exactly what you want to accomplish.
  2. Measurable – Measurement can come in the form of feedback, benchmarks or hard data points that demonstrate success.
  3. Attainable – All goals should be within reach. Don’t create goals that will discourage you from accomplishing them.
  4. Relevant – Make sure your goals are consistent with your other goals and objectives.
  5. Time-specific – Set realistic timeframes with a clear beginning and defined end dates.

Strategy Planning

All of us dream, but how do we make these dreams tangible? The strategic planning process digs deep and identifies realistic, measurable goals for your organization.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Strategic planning creates the roadmap for deliberate action towards sustainable success. If implemented correctly, it will create an environment of motivation, commitment, and fuel higher levels of achievement from everyone in the organization.

QLI International’s strategic planning process is an in-depth procedure that will help your organization create, identify, and understand:

  • Vision & Mission Statements
  • Company Values & Principles
  • Employee Roles & Function
  • The Market Plan
  • The Sales Process
  • Competitive Advantages
  • Financial Planning
  • Organizational Goals

When all stakeholders are working toward common goals, great things happen. QLI will help you develop a real-world strategic plan – a playbook for all your employees that is simple and yet highly effective. We will also give you the follow-up tools for budgeting, forecasting, and measuring success.

Youth Leadership Development

QLI International is a proud provider of the world-renowned youth leadership development process, Rising Stars. Since 1996, Rising Stars has provided a guiding pathway to thousands of young people across America.

The program is designed to help middle and high school youth (Grades 7-12) develop “life skills,” which will prepare them for success through college and in today’s ever-demanding world.

The Rising Stars curriculum recognizes the Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets for Adolescents. These are the building blocks of healthy youth leadership development and fall into eight categories:

  • Support
  • Empowerment
  • Boundaries and Expectations
  • Constructive Use of Time
  • Commitment to Learning
  • Positive Values
  • Social Competencies
  • Positive Identity

The Rising Stars youth leadership development program includes a comprehensive personal achievement action plan. Contact us for more details.

Sales Training

With our sales training program, we begin with the attitudes and beliefs of your sales force. What are the obstacles – real and perceived – that lead to underachievement? It starts with getting your house in order, developing effective communication between managers and sales professionals, and developing a plan for successful selling.

When your sales professionals complete QLI’s sales training, they will know how to:

  • Make more contacts
  • Build credibility/reputation
  • Identify customer needs
  • Ask questions that will make the sale
  • Develop their personal brand
  • Strengthen customer relationships
  • Motivate others
  • Pay it forward (Netweaving)
  • Get in front of decision makers
  • Close the sale
  • Become a 5-star sales professional

If you're not ready to schedule a call, find out if leadership development is right for you with our assessment.