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5 Most Important Employee Retention Factors

By admin | Nov 1, 2022 |
5 Most Important Employee Retention Factors 1

Recently, I participated in a round table discussion with a group of 12 business owners and executives to talk about currently pressing business challenges. My first question was “What keeps you currently awake at night”? I expected to hear about issues like healthcare cost, the impact of tariffs, or something similar. However, it was all…

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By Manfred Gollent | Aug 24, 2022 |
qhiet quitting, people engagement, engaged employees

QUIET QUITTING, the humongous, untapped opportunity in today’s business environment! Quiet quitting is a popular and essentially wrong term because people aren’t quitting. What it turns out to be is employees are not willing to go the “extra mile”, they are not going “above and beyond” what they perceive to be hired and paid for.…

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The “Great Resignation” is really the great re-shuffling: 9 Crucial Leadership Practices for Success!

By Manfred Gollent | May 5, 2022 |
great resignation, effective leadership

The “great resignation” is the currently popular bus word. And it is certainly a serious challenge for employers big and small. The important question is how to deal with the situation in an effective and productive manner. We must address the matter of the great resignation with a Win-Win mindset if we want to find…

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5.5 Steps to Succeed as a “Virtual Leader”

By Manfred Gollent | Feb 22, 2022 |
Virtual leader, hybrid work environment

Many leaders had to become acquainted with a remote work environment, fast! When the consequences of the pandemic hit, working from home transitioned from a privilege to a requirement. Two years into the COVID crisis we experience stabilization towards either fully distributed or a hybrid work structure. The traditional in-person office environment has been replaced…

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The 10.5 Gifts of Kindness!

By Manfred Gollent | Nov 28, 2021 |

Effective leaders love people and kindness plays an important role. They are authentic, do what they say that they are going to do and create a motivational environment. Daniel Waldschmidt, a highly respected sales strategist, consultant, and acquaintance of mine stated once in an address to a group of business people that kindness is fundamental…

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Does your organizational culture make you less profitable?

By Manfred Gollent | May 18, 2021 |
organizational culture

The core question: Does your organizational culture prevent or enhance profitability?

Before you answer this question reactively, consider the fact that the profitability of your company depends on a range of variables. Profit is a result of how well your organization manages and drives these variables.

How do you like the culture of your company? What features do you like and what is it you can’t stand? Is it hard to answer such questions in specific terms?

Most likely, I guess. Most of my clients tend to struggle to answer such inquiries in a factual manner. Yet, it is of crucial importance to understand, evaluate and take steps to enhance a company’s culture constantly.

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5 Important Steps to a Sustainable DEI Culture

By Manfred Gollent | Jan 9, 2021 |
Sustainable DE&I in action

The subject of DEI appears to come in waves. Every time some significant events take place, typically with fatal outcomes for minority members of our society and people of color, the stakes are raised.

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7.5 Steps to Profitable Decision-Making

By Manfred Gollent | Dec 2, 2020 |
decision making

Decision making is a challenging task for everyone! As leaders, we must be diligent in the way we go about the task and help those on our respective teams to develop the skills and experience the process. To get as many people as possible into effective decision-making habits is especially important in a distributed or partly remote work environment. Doing so in an effective and efficient manner has become a key element of sustained organizational success.

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Make Your Business Anti-fragile!

By Manfred Gollent | Oct 7, 2020 |
Make Your Business Anti-fragile! 2

When have you taken a serious look at your company’s strategy the last time? Are you considering the uncertainties dominating our economic, social, and political environment? Is your business set up to be anti-fragile? Leadership effectiveness and a documented strategy are the yin and yang of sustainable business success. Utilizing a traditional approach to a…

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Leading a remote workforce effectively!

By Manfred Gollent | Sep 10, 2020 |

Growing leaders grow their companies & organizations, too. Truly effective leaders stimulate their teams to become a highly engaged workforce producing consistently tangible results. Effective, agile Leadership is the most potent ticket for business success, and personal development makes the difference! Your organization’s success hinges on the personal effectiveness of its leaders. Increasing self-awareness, adaptive…

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