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Unleashing Potential Through Effective Leadership

By Manfred Gollent | Jan 16, 2024 |
effective leadership

In the realm of effective leadership, authority and power are often used exchangeable and misconstrued as tools for control. However, the evolving landscape of leadership heralds a paradigm shift, emphasizing the art of influence, guidance, and empowerment. It is all about leadership beyond traditional authority and power! True leadership, as I have come to understand…

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How to Create a Documented Strategy That Works

By Manfred Gollent | Sep 6, 2023 |
strategy, strategy development, documented strategy

This article was co-authored with Marc Bolick, Founder & Managing Partner of reshift Having a documented strategy is foundational to achieving goals, whether it’s at the organization level, an operating unit or for a transformation project. At reshift we have a point-of-view about strategy and we share our responses to some of the key questions…

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Effective leaders make others successful!

By Manfred Gollent | Jul 14, 2023 |
effective leaders, effective leader, effective leadership

Truly effective leaders understand that their success is tied to the success of those they lead. By focusing on making others successful, leaders create an engaging, positive, and productive work environment that benefits the entire organization. The most effective leaders throughout the organizational hierarchy focus on how to make others successful! Let me suggest a…

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Is your strategy plan killing it?

By Manfred Gollent | Jul 5, 2023 |
documented Strategy plan, strategy, leadership, transformational leadership, strategic planning

What diagnostic tool to you use to assess all aspects of the business, the processes, and the organization to develop a meaningful strategy plan? Will it guide you to success? Have you clearly defined what success is for you, your company, and critical stakeholders? In a documented, measurable way? Don’t get trapped by a profit…

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MINDSET is everything!

By Manfred Gollent | Jun 30, 2023 |
mindset leadership

…because we act the way we think! Our behavior generates our results which is a fact valid on an individual basis as well as collectively for an organization. Mindset is the conscious and subconscious driver of our behavior. Consequently, there is a fundamental connection between our mindset, our thoughts, and our actions. It suggests that…

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5 red flags for your business strategy!

By Manfred Gollent | Feb 13, 2023 |
business strategy

Well, there are a variety of factors that may have rendered your business plans either partially or completely obsolete. These factors could be rooted in macroeconomic events, significant changes in technology, or societal trends, to name a few. Here are five potential red flags that should give you pause to evaluate if one of your most important…

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8 Secrets to Re-building Employee Loyalty

By Manfred Gollent | Jan 7, 2023 |
Employee engagement is the key to high performance and employee loyalty

We played a round of golf on a recent weekend: two business owners, the executive of a mid-sized company, and myself. At one point in the round, the conversation turned toward finding and keeping good employees, and the natural offshoot of that topic: lack of employee loyalty. The arguments circled around “young people don’t want…

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Leading by Example: People “Listen” to What You Do!

By Manfred Gollent | Dec 10, 2022 |
leading by example

Leading by example is a popular term in the conversation about effective leadership. However, what does it really mean? All leaders independent of their “address” within the hierarchy actually do lead by example. Leading by example is a default position simply for the fact that people “listen” to the leader’s actions far more than they listen to the words.…

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9 Ideas to Enhance Employee Engagement

By Manfred Gollent | Nov 15, 2022 |
employee engagement

Employee engagement is one of the most critical components of organizational success! Engaging the people on your team, in your organization or your company is crucial to maximizing organizational performance! It is one of the most important leadership issues on a daily basis.  Employee engagement on every level of the organization is the foundation of…

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Your Attitude is a Powerful Tool!

By Manfred Gollent | Nov 10, 2022 |
Your Attitude is a Powerful Tool! 1

I would even say attitude is everything and then some… It is so fundamental! I wrote this article originally several years ago and it has only increased in its importance and actuality. At one time in the past, I read a little Native American story related to attitude which can serve as the starting point. Here…

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